January 28th, 2007


Update on life

Haven't had much to say lately.

Today was a good day mostly. We had a great family day!

I got to sleep in, and when I got up we were all being silly around the house. Scott got the boys on this 'Sock Master' thing, where they each grab a sock and try to get a good hit on each other. While Matthew was going by me, he popped me on the bottom with his. I laughed and told him I was going to get him, so I grabbed a sock and started chasing him.

I went to turn the corner and the string from my hoodie went behind my head. I glanced down to grab it, and that was my big mistake. My hip hit the closet door, busted off the childproof lock, and LUCKY ME, I was in chunky heeled shoes. My leg went out from under me and bent backwards under me as I went down. Amazingly, I think I'm fine. It was a bit sore all day, and I was so afraid of hurting other things that I completely protected my chest and stomach in the fall.

Scott thinks I have my family's penchant for being clumsy and falling for no reason. *thwap*

The four of us went to the mall, ate at the Cheesecake Factory (YUM!!!), went to the book store where I spent way too much money (Found a great book called "Weird Texas", magazines, bunch of other books), and then played around at Dave N' Busters. How exactly do two five-year-olds end up with 6000 tickets????? Tell me that! I am now surrounded by two technicolor dragons, that must be three feet long. One of the small prizes they got was a fart sound machine. Keep that in the back of your head. It will come to play later.

Michael and Matthew have been playing soccer all evening with a ball they got, and having a great time. We even spent some time out in the backyard pulling weeds, cleaning up after bad weather and goofing on each other.

Now, the boys are in bed. No school tomorrow. My cell phone rings, but I don't look at the phone number.


Yep! Scott called me from upstairs and he had the fart machine.

Hoser. :)

I love my family, especially on days like today.