January 25th, 2007


Manners DO sink in

For the past couple of days, Michael has been listening non-stop to my iPod using a speaker pillow. He even fell asleep listening to it. I have a 'kidsafe' playlist which contains about 100 songs. He wanted it as soon as he came in from school today and hasn't set it down since. He makes interesting comments about some of the songs, but the comment he just made gave me a mixture of pride and unstoppable giggles :)

We drill it into the kids' heads to not gloat when they are winning a game. We want them to be gracious winners as well as losers.

Queen's 'We are the Champions' came on. Michael shot up and said, "MOM! They are gloating! This is a gloating song. They are saying We are the champions and you are the losers!" *laugh*

Hard to explain the difference between good gloating and bad gloating, isn't it? :)