January 15th, 2007



Is it sad to consider just letting your animals do their business inside and clean up after them rather than making them go out in this awful cold weather? *laugh* No, I didn't do that, but I considered it.

Last night, when we let them out right before bedtime, Pepper came back in as a Pupcicle. She had icicles coming off of her fur.

Right now, the dogs are curled up with their sweaters on. Barqs couldn't get closer to me if she tried.


Scott played a trick on me this morning. He had a car service that was supposed to take him to the airport. They cancelled about 5, but his flight still wasn't cancelled. While I was asleep, he packed up his car and drove himself to the airport. About the time I got up, saw he wasn't here, ran to the garage and saw his car gone, the phone started ringing. He made it fine, but said a lot of people didn't. He saw a ton of people slide out and wreck. We still don't know if his flight will go through or be cancelled.


My kids ARE insane. They are both in boxer briefs. That's it. No clothes, no socks, etc. I keep asking them if they are cold. Michael put a blanket around his shoulders. Matthew swears he isn't cold at all.

Not me. I'm bundled up with a puppy, comforter, jammies. I am NOT moving. Maybe to feed the kids in a few hours :) I'm actually praying school is cancelled tomorrow. Right now, I'm praying for one of my hot flashes. I had one last night in bed and threw all of the covers off of me for a while. I complained that I thought I was done with them because I hadn't had one in a while and Scott SO HELPFULLY *laugh* tells me I'll probably have them off and on for years. Thanks, hon. Wish I could bring them up on demand.
Personal shopper


I've been sucked in. I barely escaped.

Scott has his precious Playstation 3 upstairs in the home theater. Michael and Matthew have been playing it with him, but I've never played it. Until tonight. I put in Kingdom Hearts 2 (I think that was it) and played for about an hour. I had to pull myself away. There are so many other games up there I want to try!!!

At least now I know what I can do to keep myself occupied after the kids go to bed. There won't be much of anything on my TIVO for a while since it's been unable to record for a few nights due to the weather. *laugh*