January 10th, 2007


Surgery update - hubby travel

- The appointment with the plastic surgeon today went great. He's pleased with the current look, all things considered. They removed my last drain!!!! YAY!

- They took the 'midway' photos, and gave me copies of my 'before' pictures, my 'human whiteboard' pictures and my 'midway' pictures. It's amazing and makes me laugh. My stomach is GONE. I mean, I still have a slight pooch in the middle, right above the new bellybutton, but that can get worked out in time. Looking at the two side-by-side was amazing. I thought my bellybutton was way lower than it used to be, then I looked at it in relation to my hips and realized it only LOOKED that way because my boobs sagged down and I had so much extra skin from my pregnancy with the boys.

- No, you can't see the photos.

- I'm a bad mommy. Matthew's medicine doesn't seem to work much anymore, and he's been in trouble at school the last few days. Today, both boys got their games and TV taken away because they were terrors this morning getting ready for school and wouldn't listen to Scott for ANYTHING. Here I am on the couch, just wanting to rest and I am getting annoyed at my children because they are loud and running around playing. How bad is that to get annoyed at your children for PLAYING?????

- I have a pulled muscle in my neck and it hurts like hell. I want it gone NOW.

Now for the important stuff :)

- My next surgery is scheduled for April 4. It's a 2-3 day hospital stay where they will put in a flap from my back with an expander underneath. I'm just taking vacation for this one, and the 2 weeks recovery (less maybe) so I get full salary instead of going into long-term disability.

- Scott has gotten his work travel mostly scheduled through July. From now until July he will be home a total of around 70 days. Yes, folks, in the next 6 months, he'll only be home just over 2 months total. ARGH!!!!!!!!