January 9th, 2007




I have something to look forward to now!

Out of the blue, I just got a call from absolute_lethe! She is going to be coming into town for some work, so she thought she would make a weekend of it and bring hubby and the kids and stay here with us. My boys love playing with her son, and since the last time they were here, she's had a baby girl :) She was pregnant last time. Now we get to meet the baby girl that isn't so much a baby girl anymore - she's 19 months.

Hopefully, a bird won't come into the house with them this time *laugh*

I can't wait, and it was the kind of surprise good news that lifted my spirits today. I really enjoy spending time with Lethe and Dave.

Michael and Matthew are going to be SO HAPPY to hear Willem is coming back. Here they are last time (yes, I know Michael looks sad, but he was tired. It was actually WAY past their bedtime when this was taken):