January 3rd, 2007


Yay for Wednesday!

- The boys went back to school today!

- I'm mostly weaned off of pain killers.

- My appointment for a nurse followup downtown conflicted with picking the boys up from school. Scott had me do a 'test drive' today to make sure I felt I could drive myself to the appointment. I went to get stamps, put gas in the car, and get some yarn for crochet. It went well, so I drove to the appointment. I'M EXHAUSTED NOW!

- Hobby Lobby had some great yarns that are normally $7 a skein on sale for $1.99!!!! YAY! I stocked up.

- On the down side, the money I saved doing that won't even come close to paying for the ticket I got for letting my inspection sticker on my car expire. For eight months. Oooops. We have 10 days to correct this, but I won't pass inspection until we get my car looked at. The check engine light is on, which is an immediate fail. Taking the car in tomorrow, then to get the inspection right after, then we'll go to the courthouse. Ick.

- At the appointment, they removed two drains!!!! I am down to one drain on the left breast, and two from the stomach. They think they can remove the last breast one on Friday, and maybe on Wednesday of next week take out one of the stomach ones. YAY!

- It's Christmas again! We got a big box from georgiaskydiver!!!! The boys have been running around with the coolest bubble wands, I have a FUNNY calendar, a great Beatles lunchbox for my collection in my office and LG sent black gloves with leopard fur cuffs which AMAZINGLY I have booties to match. Hubby got a heated shave lather thing, which he is looking forward to using. There was more, but I'll wait until she gets back from vacation. Best/funniest gift? A commemorative Christmas ornament for 2006 - A hanger with doctor's scrubs and a stethoscope. *laugh*

- I'm off to rest.