December 30th, 2006



Could I sleep just a LITTLE bit more? I've gotten to where I can sleep about 5 hours straight at night, thanks to the Ambien. I'm also taking about 4-5 (or more) naps of at least an hour each.

When I was pregnant, I used to say that my body kept knocking me out so it could use all of my energy on making my boys. I'm feeling the same way now, that my body is knocking me out so it can concentrate on healing.

Since I'm actually awake right now, I'm going to try to go catch a shower before I fall off again. :)

It's the small things

I washed my own hair. Wheeee!!!

I also have a wonderful husband who helps me get ready for the shower, washes my back and lower legs, helps dry me off, takes a cold hair dryer to my incisions, puts antibiotic cream where needed and then assists me with getting all trussed up again in my bindings. He is taking this whole thing like a trooper without a single grumble. I love him so much and am so lucky to have him in my life.

The kids are even being careful with me and good helpers. It's become a competition to help me out - fetching a soft drink, throwing my trash away, things like that. The rest of the time, I'm using the electronic babysitters known as 'Gameboy' and 'Computer'.