December 29th, 2006


Lesson learned

Last night, at midnight, I took my 2 pain pills, Ambien and antibiotic. This lets me drift off to sleep within a couple of hours. My pain pill schedule is every four hours, and antibiotics every 6. Here's what the schedule generally looks like:

- noon: antibiotic and pain killer
- 4 pm: pain killer
- 6 pm: antibiotic
- 8 pm: pain killer
- midnight: Ambien, pain killer and antibiotic
- 4 am: pain killer
- 6 am: antibiotic
- 8 am: pain killer


For weeks now, I've been getting 1-2 hours of sleep at a time. Three was a blessing. It always had me up around the time for my next medication.

Last night, for the first time in FOREVER, I slept through the night. I took my midnight meds, went to sleep by about 2 am, and the family got me up around 9 am this morning. SEVEN HOURS!!!! I felt so rested.

That was until I tried to move. At this point, I had missed one dose of antibiotics and TWO doses of pain killers. Ouch. I hurt. Thought I was going to cry there for a while. I immediately took the antibiotic and a pain killer, but it took a while to kick in.

I will not make this mistake again. It's too early to let the medication wear completely off.

BTW - lazy day, lazy day. It's pouring down rain outside, so we're just sitting here in the darkened house. I need to light my current favorite candle (caramel creme) and enjoy the relaxation.