December 27th, 2006


Definition of supportive

I took the time yesterday to thank Scott for all of his support of me during these hard times, even though I do realize he wasn't in 100% agreement. I told him it made me love him even more that he respected my choices and stood by me through them.

I think it gave him free reign to make jokes :)

While in the plastic surgeon's office waiting on the doctor, I was complaining about the complications and the severity of the pain I was having. I made an offhand remark about how I no longer can understand how people would go through elective surgery. Scott said what I did WAS elective surgery. I corrected myself to say 'elective cosmetic' surgery. Again, he said the taking of the breasts was practical but having them rebuilt was purely cosmetic when you got down to it. I think it finally made me snap enough to ramble something about surgery where the purpose isn't to prevent cancer and be able to spend many, many more years with the sarcastic loves of your life. :)

Served him right though. The doc pulled him in to do the hand stripping (causes more suction through the tubing) of the drains under my arms, since I can't see the place where they enter my skin. You have to hold it tight there and then strip your fingers along with rest of the tube to flatten it out and create suction. How he has to do it *laugh*

Ok, eyes are falling asleep again, so I'm time to nap. Again.

They are supposed to come clean the house today (YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! We need it) Doc appointment is 3 pm so the traffic IN shouldn't be so bad. Out is another programlsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss