December 25th, 2006


God and Santa are brothers, right?

On his way into bed tonight, I caught Michael walking into the kitchen. He linked his hands together, bowed his head, and I caught a very faint 'Dear God' and then 'Amen' at the very end. I'm not sure what he was praying for (more toys? morning to hurry up? safe flight for Santa?) but I thought it was very funny that he was 'caught' praying. We didn't say anything about it. I like for those things to remain private between the boys and their God.

BTW - he obviously wasn't asking God to give daddy a swift installation of the PS3 on his High-Def TV. Scott's been cursing off and on all night from upstairs because the system works, but despite an HDMI cable connection it doesn't seem to want to default to that. :)

Finally, he is in bed, snuggled with Barqs. My Mom is on the formal living room couch. I'm on the living room couch (and site of Christmas in the morning), snuggled with Pepper. I have checked and there are two little boys dreaming quietly in their beds.

Time to drift off to sleep (thank you, Sir Ambien). WAIT! Gotta make sure I have some scissors, various screwdrivers, various battaries, tape and other 'rescue' materials for the morning. Trash bags, too!!!!

Good night...and, since it is 1:00 am officially:


End of my rope

I had this hump where I had lots of energy and felt relatively good. I was so glad to get home.

I'm over that hump. I do NOT feel good. My sides hurt. My stomach hurts. I can't get comfortable. Lumpy feels like it is about to explode. Flattie feels as if it is hard as a rock. They have me all taped up so I can't see whether there is a problem or not with my side.

I am throwing myself a pity party here. I'm exhausted. In a half hour, I get another pain killer. He has me on one every four hours. It doesn't really touch things. I'll be calling them tomorrow to find out when I can come in post-op and make sure everything is ok and discuss the pain levels.

Last night, in order to get some sleep, I took an Ambien and doubled up on my pain meds. I think I actually got four uninterrupted hours of sleep! It felt so good, but now I'm back to 'normal'.

How am I ever going to go through another reconstruction in 6 months? I'll be so terrified of complications. I'll be scared of being in pain again. I have to have it done, but this time has me gun shy.

I am also on a timeline to get to feeling better. Scott has to go on travel January 15 and will be gone for two weeks straight. georgiaskydiver, this is when I really hope you can come visit for a little while. At that point, I'll only be driving for a week or so.

PLEASE make the pain go away. I'm such a wuss.