December 22nd, 2006


Stuper Genius.....

It only took me eight days of boredom in the frickin hospital to figure out that I have instant messenger on my damn cell phone!!!!! Since I'm always logged in on my laptop at home, I never really looked for it on my cell. DOH!

Anyway, I'm logged in for now with Yahoo - trish_howard2002 as the username, and will sometimes be on AIM as trshtwns01

Yahoo is more likely as AIM is what I use for work. Don't want people sending me messages from there :) For the next two days, that will be an additional way to contact me.

I'm just a genius.
Meet the blogger

Thank you, morphine. Could we have a little something in G?

My left breast has a new name, it's 'OMG! I'm now a C!'
My right breast has a new name too, 'M-I-S-S-I-N-G'
Oh, the old ones hurt me every day but when I see them now I'll say
'Mine were too big, had BRCA2+, but at least they were the God damn same'

Who is the idiot who decided my mind needed to be spent half the night converting old food jingles of the 70s into jingles about my breast(s)? Go away, man! It's 3:30 in the friggin morning. I'll even take back the dreams of the singing leather lesbian. Promise! Just make me stop feeling like Weird Trish YankAJingle.

That's enough. Over and out.
Dance in the rain

Where's my new friend?

So, if you are a Christian taking the bible as your gospel, then supposedly, Eve was made from the rib of Adam, right?

Where's my new playmate????!!!!!????


This morning, when the docs did their rounds, we were discussing whether I could go home tonight. Two things we have to get resolved first: make sure pain is controlled off of the morphine pump and figure out what is going with a lack of drainage under my arm on the left side, the one WITH a breast. I guess now I have two breasts again :) The tissue is just so swollen, fluid filled and sore that I don't know how much is normal. We're going to talk about that later today, maybe drain some off and put in a secondary drain bulb under my armpit.

Anyway, I told him I did have a question about the full mastectomy done on the right side, which we will from now on refer to as 'Flattie'. Every picture I've ever seen had a rather flat surface. Mine has this sunken pit about 1"x2" at the top. "Oh, that's where we removed part of your rib to work on the blood supply and clots during the second surgery.".



You removed part of my rib and didn't tell me? What happened to it? I wish I could have had that. I've never broken a bone in my LIFE, everything that goes wrong with me is some sort of functional failure. Now I'm missing a section of bone in my chest and didn't even know it. So strange.

I just keep going further and further down the rabbit hole. Wouldn't it be great if I could go home tonight? If not, I'm still pulling for tomorrow morning.