December 20th, 2006


another surgery

Welcome to surgery number 4 during this 'little trial'!

In less than 2 hours, I will be wheeled in from the comfort of my bed and put under for a 'short' surgery of just 1-2 hours. I hope. Pray for no complications as they debride out the failed tissue slap and put in the expander. I'm going to have mismatched boobs for most of the year, so I dare ANY of you to say anything. :)

I'm sitting here with my teeth chattering and I can't figure out if it is nerves, really cold in here, lots of pain (just had it work out where all of my pain meds were dosed at once because they all ran out at once). I'm going with a combo of all three. I'm still leaking like a stuck pig on heparin, which makes it fun and games with Trish anytime I have to get up to go to the bathroom. It goes something like this:

- Call the nurse
- While waiting, start moving my bed up into a better position
- Start undoing the leg pressure cuffs
- Stuff a towel between my legs, but under the abdominal incision where the drains are
- Get out of bed
- Unplug the laptop so I can get my IV stand by
- About this time, the nurse shows us, so they flip off the leg cuffs
- *bathroom break. insert appropriate cenematic music and blank screen here*
- I take out all of the packed gauze, the now soaked towel, and the underwear (maternity gauze - the height in fashion).
- Check to see if I will need a new gown, new socks, new bedding, or anything else
- Wash hands at sink
- Wash entire lower body at sink
- Grab second clean towel to make it back over to the bed
- Put on new gauze underwear
- Get settled in bed
- Stuff in new gauze, put fresh towel beside me
- Nurse rehooks pressure cuffs and puts on new socks if needed.

Exhausted yet? I am. It would exhaust me normally, when I'm not recovering from major surgery.

Anyway, we're going to see if the surgeons can get rid of the soaked tape and restitch the drain tubes.

Ok, time to consent and get things moving. Keep me in your thoughts.


The stories of my surgery were greatly exaggerated.

This morning, we did all of the pre-op stuff, did the consent with a surgeon (not the plastics team), and sat back to wait. At 8 am, I'm thinking they are running late. Then the new shift comes on and the nurse tells me it has been pushed until tomorrow morning. She asked him whether _I_ knew we weren't doing it this morning, and he said something about no....but he was planning on coming by later.

Good news is, that means I get breakfast soon.

I had a long talk last night with my breast oncologist about this plastics guy. I feel like I'm on House, 3 lbs, Grey's Anatomy or some equally dramatic surgeon-based show. I thought these things only happened on TV. He said all of the other surgeons were simply in awe of him, because he is a genius. His brain just doesn't work the same way as others, and he is flitting around constantly. Often, you can't follow the reasoning of what he did until you've had time to think about it later. They all learned from him on any case they got to participate in.

Bedside manner and interactability with patients? Poor.

I think I've seen him 4 times in the week I've been here, and once was him approaching me inexplicably with a scalpel. I've seen the other doctors plenty of times.

So it looks like surgery is tomorrow morning, which means going home on Friday night but probably Saturday night.

And this bed still has my butt asleep. Time to get up and leak again.