December 17th, 2006


Goodbye mugraine!

Feeling MUCH better from yesterday, now that the migraine is gone. I'm just really tired since I couldn't sleep yesterday from the pain.

Now I'm just trying to get the pain down a bit more, glad to be done with the psycho migraine waking dreams, and hope my family comes to visit me.

I did get to go see my friend, who had her surgeries 'between' mine. She seems to be doing well at least. That's good news.

Do you know how disappointed I am to have one dead breast that I know will have to be removed this week? It sucks.

Pic a line, any line

They unhooked my IV for a while, with plans of replacing it later because it was getting finicky about setting off the alarm. The nurse tried to put in an IV in several spots, but couldn't get anyblood return. She called another nurse, he tried several locations, no luck. So they called HRC to get a phlebotomist who does nothing BUT put in IVs. Yep. You guessed it, she couldn't get a return.

We think part of it is how swollen I am. I look and feel like the stay-puf marshmallow man. ok, maybe not the man part.

They called the doctors and they are going to put in a PIC line or central lin4e tomorrow. Now they just have me on oral antibiotics and a pain-killer called narco. Never heard of it. Anyway, I hope things go well with that tomorrow.

Oh yeah - I'm tired of beef broth. It's the only broth edible here (veg and chicken suck for some reason, and I usually like chicken broth), but the beef has salt in it which is probably making my swelling worse.