December 7th, 2006



If I filled out a form saying that my kids can NOT get any snacks on their school lunch account and ONLY get snacks when I send cash with them for it - do I then log into the online lunch system to find out one son, who shall remain nameless *coughmatthewcough* has been getting Blue Bell ice cream at least three times a week on his account??????????

I said no snacks for a reason. They get enough snacks and sweets in their life to spend their lunch money on them. We give snacks like ice cream as a reward. They get it when they pass a belt exam in Tae Kwon Do. When we have a special holiday, we might have ice cream or sweets. When we go on vacation, they might get candy.

I try to teach my kids some restraint and that sweets are perfectly fine in moderation. I think 5 is a little young for them to be given free reign with unlimited funds for ice cream every day.

Time to talk to the teacher. Also time to talk to Matthew again. Michael, I noticed, only got ice cream once in the last month.

(As an aside, if one of my kids was going to eat junk like this, I would prefer it to be Matthew, actually. He lost 10 pounds with the initial ADHD medication they gave him, and he is still a good 7 pounds lighter than his brother because of it. He needs to gain weight, but not this way. He needs protein. Carbs even. Not just sugar.)