December 5th, 2006


Kids say the darndest things

The kids cracked me up twice this morning.

1) We currently have two eggs from our crested geckos that are waiting to hatch next month. Matthew looked at them this morning (like every morning), and exclaimed, "These two eggs came out of their Mommy at the same time. They're twins like us!". Wow. They have that concept down. He also made a statement to the effect that since they are twins they will be friends forever.

2) Scott plays around with the kids and does a thing he calls 'Air brakes'. It's where he suddenly starts pumping on the brakes as he stops to make the whole car jerk repeatedly. I hate it, but didn't know the kids did too. On the way to school, Matthew asked if I knew what kind of brakes Daddy used. We were talking about how we all didn't like air brakes, and we should tell Daddy that. Michael piped up with, "We should form an angry mob." Now where did THAT come from????