November 30th, 2006


Sometimes, they make me laugh

Every once in a while, a writer slips in a line that just takes you by surprise. In a recent L&O:SVU I am watching, one of the characters had done some RFID tricks to make life easier around the house. His wife was having an affair, and they found that he had been tracking her via an RFID chip he implanted into her shoulder while she was out cold.

What does Elliot say? "High tech way of keeping tabs on your wife. Guy invented a Ho-Jack"



Found a growth of some kind on the side of Pepper's back paw. I'll have to figure a time next week to take her to the vet to find out what it is.


A few days ago, I ordered a few things on Amazon: A Homedics Quad-Roller (no, that is NOT what I paid for it), and my very own TENS machine!!!!!! I got the massage seat today and LOVE it. I can't wait to get the TENS machine. I blame you, oddharmonic!

On a related note, today I found a heating pad very similar to the one I usually use. Only difference is that this one straps onto my back, has a 10-foot cord, and can be unsnapped and remain on you if you need to go farther away. It rocks!


Tomorrow is day 3 of 9 in my return to work. Blazing. I have three projects. One is moving smoothly and should be completed before I leave. The other two, I doubt anything will happen on them unless I find the world's longest cattleprod and are able to MAKE people respond to me in a timely fashion.


Michael and Matthew now outrank me in Tae Kwon Do. They got their second purple stripe tonight, and actually did really good on the test. Next comes the purple belt, which moves them into the intermediate classes.


I am SO not looking forward to a mammogram tomorrow morning downtown. It will be so damn cold and icy and people here drive like maniacs.

I did get 'good' news, though. A fellow AMAMOM member who is a one-year BC survivor will be having her reconstruction the day after mine in the same hospital! Hopefully, we'll be someplace close so when they force us to get up and walk around we can socialize. Much better than wandering the halls aimlessly. :)

Two weeks from today these big old breasts are history.

georgiaskydiver, are you still able to come visit in January to help out?