November 15th, 2006


The Godfather for the kindergarten set

I saw a commercial while watching some new anime show with the kids. It was for a new FurReal friend - a horse named Butterscotch. This thing is big enough for a large child (looked to be about 6 or so) to get on. Like most FurReal animals, it has a little bit of animatronics to it - moves its head and ears, blinks, eats a carrot and turns towards your voice.

I thought, "This thing must cost a FORTUNE!!!!", so I had to go look it up online.

This is for people with WAY too much money to spend

However, it made me fall to the floor laughing. The boys wanted to know why, but I just couldn't explain it. There are five bullet points in the product features. The last bullet point did it for me:

You may wish to not open the box around your children if they may be frightened by a box with a decapitated horse inside.

What child WOULDN'T be?????
Responsible adult

Feeling of accomplishment

I finished Michelle's scarf today, and am halfway through one for myself. After the kids went to sleep, I pulled out all of their Christmas presents and got them wrapped. I seperated our things that are supposed to go up to Indiana into things we need to carry (breakable) and things we can put in a suitcase and check. I made a list of tasks that Mom should perform each day (feed the dogs, feed the fish, feed the reptiles, feed herself *laugh*). I'll also call her every day to make sure things are going well.

I still need to start packing since we leave early Sunday morning. Scott was a dear and booked us a car so we don't have to worry about driving and parking. They'll also pick us up when we come home since I'll have to come home alone with the kids.

- Tomorrow is the CT scan on my belly to map the blood flow, then I think I'm supposed to discuss it with someone two floors up. I also have to pick up Matthew's Focalin XR prescription and get it and his Nexium filled. EXPENSIVE!

- Friday I have to start packing

- Saturday, finish packing and get Mom and bring her over here

- Leave by 8:30 Sunday morning.