November 7th, 2006


Feeding my addiction

The mailman just showed up at my door, and I've been working Sudoku puzzles ever since. georgiaskydiver, you know me so well! This electronic game is amazing, and is so easy to use. Much smaller than toting around a whole book *laugh* It's going into my purse so I can always work them! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
Fork you

Crappy photos

On another note, I also got the photos from the TKD tournament. I'm REALLY disappointed overall with the experience. They had problems getting the photos up for everyone to see (it was a photographer using a 3rd party site) and it took over a month to resolve. The photos looked so good online when they were finally up, but the amount of photos forced the event to be broken into two folders. There were 3 photos I wanted - two in one folder and one in the other. One that has both boys could only be in a square format for them both to not get cropped in some way, so I ordered a 10X10. I also ordered a 5X7 of one of the boys with his trophy. Because this put the order at over $45, they would double the prints for free. Since the picture of the other boy was in a seperate folder, it counted as a seperate order! Second shipping cost, and it didn't matter that I had spent over $45 from the other folder, they wouldn't do a second print on it. I escalated twice, the photographer tried to escalate, and their 'final escalation team' never got back in touch with me before shipping the order. I got it today and the photos are crappy, somewhat fuzzy (especially on the 10X10) and they are digital prints, not real photo prints. In one, you can even see faint lines running down them.

I'm so totally pissed that I will be drafting a letter to our TKD studio owner and cc'ing the photographer and This is unacceptable, especially for the money they charged! Heck, _I_ make better digital prints than this.
Oh shit

And so it begins

Dang. They move fast. I was planning on starting my medical leave on December 13th, the day of my surgery, but looks like it will need to be the 12th. I'm glad these doctors are good, because it SUCKS to have to drive down to Dallas so often.

- November 16: CT scan of belly at Asten Center to map blood vessels for DIEP reconstruction
- (Out of town November 19 - 28 to visit Scott's family in Indiana for Thanksgiving and Early Christmas)
- November 29: Return to work until December 12 - make sure all paperwork for second half of medical leave is completed
- December 1: Mammogram at Shea Cancer Center
- December 4: Pre-op appointment with plastic surgeon at Asten Center
- December 12: 9 am pre-op testing and bloodwork at Zale Lipshy, 12 pm Lymphoscintigraphy at St. Paul to map lymph nodes
- December 13: 5 am check-in at Zale Lipshy for a 7 am surgery.

SOMEWHERE in there, I need to wrap the kids' gifts, set up the Christmas tree and decorate the house so I will feel more 'Christmas-like' when I get home on December 20th feeling like CRAP. I think I'm just going to set the tree up here in the living room next to the fireplace this year, so I can just lay on the couch and watch the kids open presents. The week before I go in the hospital, I'll have Scott help me move the couch and coffee table back against the wall so the kids have floor space for opening presents and playing.

I might just decorate this one room, and Scott will decorate outside. I won't go full bore like I always do - all of the windows, every room in the house, wrapping and lighting the staircase and all of that jazz.

If you think about it...I really only have about 20 days to get ready for Christmas, and 10 of those I'm supposed to be working during the day. Umm.....EEEEK!