November 1st, 2006


Another day of happy tears

Why do all of my friends have to be so far away? When talking to semantique the other night, we both complained about not having that really CLOSE friend near us. Every time I end up with a close friend somewhere near me, either we move or they do. Case in point - my friends Mike and Chrysty, who I have known since the Auburn days. I've known them longer than Scott, and Scott and I have been together 16 years!!! They moved to Dallas around the same time we did, so we got to see them all of the time. It was so great having them near. However, it seems like about 8 years or so ago, they moved up to Washington state. I miss them quite a bit, and we don't get to talk near often enough.

I talked to them on the phone the other day for a long time. It lifted my day.

Today, I was not only lifted, but catapulted straight into the heavens *laugh* Dropped at my door today was this:

It isn't so much that they sent flowers, but that they chose something from the pink line. Guys, if you are reading this, the flowers are beautiful, but even more beautiful is that you know how much breast cancer research means to me. The choice was perfect. Every little bit helps, and looking over at all of those pink flowers is making me smile.

You just have to come visit soon. Our spare bedroom is always open for you.
Smiley toes

Day for warm feelings

Someone did it again! That's twice in one day I've been teary because of a knock on the door!!!!

I just got a care package from weswilson, dawnsongirl70 and the ever-growing Stitch they have created!

You guys made me LAUGH! I LOVE it and it's so fun. Lip gloss rings, vampire teeth, a talking 16 candles keychain (Oh, sexy GIRRRRLFRIEND...), black socks with a green skull on them (PERFECT for me, the sock collector), an Auburn coozie, a margarita fridge magnet, flip-flop notepad, beautiful card, and the book 'It's not easy being green, and other things to consider'. It was a little while later that I actually opened the book, and what you wrote inside is what got me crying.

I love you guys so much, and miss you. Next time I get home to visit, I imagine there will be a little Stitch for me to meet!

*hugs* to you both. Rest up while you can, Mommy and Daddy! I'm going to go read my book now.