October 31st, 2006


The good, the bad, and the sparkly

The good:
- I went to IKEA today to pick up a French coffee press for Scott's grandfather. I found lots of cool stuff there, including a few small gifts for Scott, a potted plant to sit in my SLAH party bucket by the front door and several rolls of leopard print wrapping paper!
- Today was a day for phone calls. None personal :( I now have an appointment on November 16th to get the CT scan of my belly to map the blood supply for my reconstruction. I also have an appointment on December 4 to talk with the plastic surgeon about the final details on what my new breasts will look like.
- I watched 'Why I Wore Lipstick to my Mastectomy' yesterday on Lifetime. YES! I watched a Lifetime Channel Movie!!! *shame* I wanted to read the book, so when I saw it was on I watched it. It was actually pretty good. Geralynn's strength at facing breast cancer at age 27 was inspiring. I also laughed when she was in the plastic surgeon's office and she kept staring at a girl's breasts. The girl came over, said it was ok, and started telling...basically my story! She had a strong family history and tested positive for a BRCA gene mutation, so she got her ovaries removed and a bilateral mastectomy. She lifted her shirt to show the other girls her breasts and asked if they wanted to feel them *laugh* All in all, the movie made me feel good.

The bad:
- Unexpected sneezes. I was parked waiting for the boys to get out of school when one of those completely by surprise sneezing fits hit me. I didn't have time to brace my stomach, and as it does when you sneeze, it convulsed violently. By the time I got home, I was in quite a bit of pain. I took a Vicoden and am laying down with a heating pad on my stomach.

The shiny:
- My boys are so ready for Halloween. I have all of the lights outside, pumpkins glowing and we fixed our porch light. Daddy will be taking Superman and Dracula out trick-or-treating. I'll make sure to get pictures before they leave. They have already started talking about trading candy, and were saying things like 'I'll give you two chocolates for three candy canes'. :) I'm going to stay home, watch TV, and hand out candy to the pitiful amount of trick-or-treaters that come to our neighborhood.
- Last night, I did manicures and pedicures for the boys (no polish, just a trim, shaping with a nail file, some cuticle oil and pushed their cuticles back with an orange stick *laugh* SHHHH! Don't tell Daddy! I also redid mine after they went to bed, and did my pink ribbons on both my big toes and my thumbs. I put a small white flower with a rhinestone in the loop.
- My puppies are all shiny now! They needed baths BIG TIME, so I had Scott lift them up into the sink last night and they got baths, conditioner, Baby Dog spray, dried off, a good brushing and mat removal. They smell so good and are so soft.