October 23rd, 2006

Less than three

Feeling like a turkey

Ever felt like you were being fattened up? Well, I just got a package from georgiaskydiver!!! EVERY kind of Chex Mix (my favorite snack), and several bags of her favorite apple snacks. YUMMY!!!! I can sit on my ass and fatten myself up for Thanksgiving, just like the turkeys!

Matthew is in the entryway playing with the ball you sent. He keeps tossing it upward and yelling "He shoots!" He's heard us say 'He shoots, he SCORES!' too many times. :)

Thank you SO MUCH!

Don't ever worry about calling here, btw. I would much rather talk to you than sleep my day away.
Responsible adult

To my Dallas area lawyer friends

I know I have a couple of Dallas area lawyers on my FL, so here's a question for you. I have a very experienced and dedicated lawyer friend looking for a move out of the Atlanta area, and I was wondering if you knew of any worthwhile opportunities here in our area.