October 10th, 2006



YAY! Both St. Paul and Zale Lipshy hospitals have wireless access in the patient rooms. Friday, after my Thursday surgery, Scott is going to bring my laptop to me so I'll be online as I feel up to it.

I think I'm pretty much packed now. Tomorrow night I have to move my laptop tray back into my room. In the afternoon, I have to bring mom over here and make sure I draw directions for jillions on where and when to drop off and pick up the kids, along with giving mom my car keys so Jill can drive them in the van. (Although the mental image of her putting two carseats in the back of the Camaro are quite funny!)

I talked to the psychiatrist yesterday during Matthew's appointment about how to talk to them about the surgeries. I think I was worrying too much about this part. This morning, I asked if they remembered how Matthew had several surgeries and Michael had that one. They did, so I said that Mommy also has to have a surgery but for this one the doctors will need her to stay in the hospital for a few days. I'll be fine, and they can call me at any time. In a few short days, I'll be back home, but will be in bed and they have to be VERY careful with me, just like when I've had my back done.

They seemed fine with it.

I, however, am not so fine with it. Tomorrow I go on all clear liquids. That makes today my last 'normal' day for several months. That really scares me. Everything I've done in the past, including c-section, ovary removal, knee surgery and gall bladder removal, were all short-term things and I was ok within a week or so. I am hoping that I am just building this up in my mind to be worse than it actually will, so I will be pleasantly surprised. I guess I just want to get it over with. The waiting is almost as bad as the surgery itself.

To-do list Ta-Done

I've been going back and updating my to-do list and marking things as done. I've finally reached that point where all I have to do is shave, shower and pack up my jewelry tomorrow. How scary. Everything else is done. Just in time I received my medical leave information, filled them out and packed them off.

I also received a second Halloween card from georgiaskydiver!!! I, too, am waiting for those CandyCornTinis.

Part of the day today was spent carving fake pumpkins. I think I LIKE this fake pumpkin thing. They look great, less mess, and I can use them year after year. They look so much like real pumpkins unless you get right up on them. I even got little pumpkin lights which flicker orange inside and look like candles. Michael and Matthew always want theirs to match their costumes, so Michael got a Jack-o-lantern that has fangs (he's Dracula this year), and Matthew got the Superman shield in a combination of cutouts and half-depth shavings (Yep, he's Superman this year).

Tomorrow, I go get mom and send jillions instructions on how and when to take the boys to school and pick them up. This is happening.

Know what though????? Both hospitals have wireless in the rooms, so Scott will be bringing me my laptop on Friday!!!