October 6th, 2006

Honesty vs. Insanity

Yay for Friday!

* The boys are going fishing with their Daddy tomorrow. They are renting a pontoon boat. Last night, Daddy took them to Wally-World to pick out fishing rods, tackle, their own tackle boxes, and a bunch of other stuff. My hubby is determined to raise two little Cajuns he can go fishing with even if we aren't in New Orleans anymore. The boys are SO EXCITED! (So is Mommy - because she gets to sleep in and have the whole day to herself)

* While at Wally-World, Scott also picked up a big camping tent and a second air mattress. Guess that means the boys and I will be camping out in the backyard either Saturday or Sunday night.

* I got a wonderful Halloween card from georgiaskydiver today. Perfect timing as I just mailed her a cool package of stuff, including our photos.

* Frankly, Jack-in-the-Box has ruined their shakes by putting a mountain of whipped cream on top. Now the last bit tastes like crap. Note to self: request no whipped cream.

* I found what might be my savior today at Kohl's - a big, fluffy pink robe that zips all the way up the front, and comes down to my knees. This could be something I could have nothing underneath, even sleep in, and be comfortable after surgery.

* I bought a new pillow today to supplement what I already have. I love new pillows!

Gonna curl up with my new pillow and take a nap here in a few minutes. YAY FOR FRIDAY!