October 5th, 2006


Button-down nightshirts?

Ok, now I'm looking for button-down nightshirts. You know the ones? Even mens nightshirts. They are about mid-thigh length or longer, and button ALL of the way down the front?

Can't find them anywhere. I KNOW I've seen them. georgiaskydiver was nice enough to let me know I'm probably not going to want ANYTHING on my stomach, so the button down pajamas I have will be great on top but require a robe anytime I get up. I bought a few short, thin robes today in case I don't find anything.

If you can find any anywhere on the web, I BEG of you, comment with the link! :) I'm going to spend the next 4 or so months in pajamas most of the time. Button-down won't be so much of an issue for the next two months, when I can raise my arms to get on a loose nightshirt. In December, when both my stomach AND chest will be operated on, I'm going to need something I can slip on with little arm movement.

Please help! :)


On a completely unrelated, yet ironic, note - I got a raise today. Not that I'm arguing, but WTF? Wasn't expecting that in the least. It's a really good thing - makes my medical leave pay a little more, and since I can't SHOP for a few months (well, except for online) I might actually save up some money!


Some things I need to do before next Wednesday (the 'all clear foods' day), just for my reference:

- Pack my suitcase with jammies, robe, socks and slippers (DONE)
- Pack my toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush and deoderant (DONE)
- Buy dry shampoo and pre-moistened no-rise washcloths (DONE)
- Pack books and magazines (DONE)
- Get the chargers for my cell phone, iPod, and wireless headphones (DONE)
- Get a pedicure (DONE)
- Shave the day before
- Pack away my jewelry
- Put needed phone numbers in my cell phone that aren't already there (DONE)
- Find out about daily medications (bring mine or will they be supplied?)
- Complete and return medical leave paperwork (DONE)
- Get walky-talkies working so Scott and I can communicate throughout the house when I get home (DONE)
- Put medical leave message on my work phone and email (DONE)
- Pull tray tables into bedroom (DONE)
- Dig out lap tray-table (DONE)
- Charge up and take the portable DVD player to my room (DONE)
- Explain why mommy is going away for a few days (DONE)

Update as needed