September 5th, 2006

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*UPDATE*: Confirming my suspicions, by 9 am, Michael was feeling 'better' and wanted to get ready to school. It happened after we booked doctors appointments for both of them (might as well take both if I'm having to take one anyway). He got dressed, got everything ready, and practically bounced out the door. At least that takes it down to only one sick child I have to deal with today.

*UPDATE 2*: Two things. Scott got a call from the school nurse because Michael told everybody he was home sick this morning. Scott set the nurse straight that he wanted to stay home with his sick brother, and to tell him to go back to his class and do his work. *laugh* I just got back from the doctor with Matthew. Turns out it isn't his ear, but strep! So, we're home until Thursday, when he can return to school, and he gets his daily Omnicef. Poor guy. I've been dismissing his sore throat as drainage from an ear infection. Now he has sick pops and Chloraseptic spray. He's quiety sitting on the couch coloring Spongebob magnets and playing with them.

Something to make you smile

A friend of mine from my Mothers of Multiples group was featured in our local newspaper this weekend. If you want to read an incredibly uplifting story, about a strong woman making the best when it seems the world is against her, read this article. For a little background: Korrie is around my age, she has four special-needs children. Her husband left her in 2003. She went back to school online to get a special education master's degree, and now is teaching other special needs children. She's an amazing woman, and I'm glad to know her.

Dallas Morning News: Taking Home to the Classroom

Plastic surgeon appointment

The plastic surgeon's office just called and I have an appointment for this Thursday afternoon. Things are moving along, and I hope to have some great news when I leave there. I know I have plenty of questions. Mostly, I want to know if I can have the DIEP flap procedure, and exactly how much tissue they can take out of my tummy. I don't care if some gets wasted *laugh* I want to know if I can go smaller, and a bit perkier. I want to know what recovery time is like doing all of this at once. I want to know where the scars will be (although this doesn't really matter much to me). There are just SO many questions!

I guess I still can't believe this is real. It's just so overwhelming. Lord knows how Scott will deal with about a month of taking care of the kids alone. He's done it for weeks at a time, and even when they were infants, but I think I will feel like I should help out if I'm physically here in the house and something needs to be done.