September 2nd, 2006



Why am _I_ up on Saturday morning with the kids while Scott sleeps in? One word: Tippy. Tippy sleeps in our master bathroom so we can keep an eye on her. She has her crate, toys, water, food, etc. Around 7 this morning, she started whining because her tiny bladder had enough waiting. I got up, threw on a robe, and let her out for a few minutes to pee. Once I saw her go, I let her back in (Pepper and Barqs stayed outside), and I brought Tippy to bed with me to try to get more sleep. She laid down for a good half hour next to me, until she started hearing Pepper barking in the backyard. She wanted to respond, so to keep her from waking up Scott, I got dressed and took her out into the living room, letting the other dogs in to play with her.

Yes, her. Despite both info sheets clearly saying male, this is a female dog.

Anyway, there was one really sweet thing when Tippy got dropped off. I have a thing I do to make the owners feel better about being away from their pets. I take 'vacation photos' of their time with us and send them home with the dog. When Tippy came back, there was a notecard talking about how the photos were now framed and displayed in the house, and referring to me as Tippy's 'surrogate mom'. I also got a big glass-enclosed candle that is caramel creme scented. YUMMY!!!!!!!

When to tell work

I talked things over with my 'big sis', Jax, about when it was appropriate to tell my boss about the medical issues I am about to go through. My concern was that I would be so distracted and have so many doctor's appointments that I wondered if I should go ahead and mention it. We decided that it was probably best to wait until I had met with all of the doctors, finalized the plans, and had a date for the surgery. I can then go to my boss and explain things fully, and even let him know two vital things:

- Working from home on a wireless laptop means that very little work will be missed. I was working the day after my knee surgery, and I only miss a few hours when I get the neurotomies on my back. I'll be hospitalized for 3-5 days, but once I come home, I should be back on within a few days, so we are talking maybe only one week missed, even though it will be a month before I am back up to normal activities.

- I'm planning on possibly doing the surgery in January if all works out. This may make him feel better since my two major projects launch on October 2 and then January 2. Once they launch, I should have some 'down time' before new projects are started.

I think this is the plan now. I assume I meet with the other two docs in the next few weeks, as Dr. Euhus went ahead and scheduled my husband and I for a 'pre-op' meeting on October 2. That's when we'll decide on dates.


BTW - Instead of a filter (since most people wanted on it anyway), or a cut, I'm just going to mark all of my posts on this subject with one of my two breast cancer icons. That makes them easily identifiable.
Smiley toes

What boredom will lead to

I've been sitting here trying to keep my mind on other things.

I decided I needed sushi today, so I bought some for the family from my favorite place. When I asked the boys if they wanted Japanese, and they immediately said yes. The problem? They weren't thinking Japanese, they were thinking Chinese. When I asked what they wanted, Michael said 'Mongolian Beef' *laugh*

While waiting for the food, I went to World Market and got a Henna tattoo kit. I'm making some designs for Mendhi art on my ankles and feet. I don't know why I feel the need to do this, but I do. Perhaps it is that Mendhi is considered to be a protector against bad things and illness.

I have a sweet Tippy puppy laying on my legs :)

It's 8:30 on a Saturday night and I'm considering taking a Phenergan and going to bed. I'm THAT exciting!

I've done NOTHING today other than going out to get dinner. I've sat here, can't get interested in anything on the computer, can't focus on much, and haven't really felt like talking with anyone. I don't want to talk to get anyone down. I'm just sitting and staring around.

I can't get rid of the smell of Eucalyptus oil from my fingers. I mixed the henna with lime juice and the oil. Once I got it creamy enough, I covered it so it can sit for the next 24-48 hours. Maybe I'll spend some time Monday putting my design on. It's such a lengthy process - several hours - and then it has to stay on for a long time. I think it might be cathartic to concentrate on the process, the art and the meaning.