August 22nd, 2006


Rocking the iPod

Flog me now. I mean it!

Today I went out and bought a black 60GB video iPod, 3 year service contract (eh, it was cheap, would've saved me the trouble I'm having now on mine), and a clear, hard protector for it. It's still getting the leopard print skin on it when it comes in, but I think I will have to widen the screen opening. Otherwise, it works with my iPod stereo speakers, my car charger, my wireless headphones, and everything else. YAY!

Now it is a waiting game as 1000+ songs, about 30 videos and 5 TV programs get transferred to the new system. It's on 191 now, and has been running for....about 20 minutes.

On the way home, I did our grocery shopping and got some sushi for lunch. I'm feeling much better than I did yesterday. I wonder if the trips down memory lane had anything to do with it? Or spending almost 1/3 of my bonus in one day did it? Either way, I'm feeling better. A bit punchy and sarcastic, which I'll have to watch during Tae Kwon Do tonight.

BTW - the icon is the AWESOME shoes I got while shopping with georgiaskydiver. Actually, the icon is only one of them. They come in a pair, ya know? :)