August 21st, 2006


Stop me before I shop again

I'm really bad about getting something in my head and needing to do it NOW. No waiting. I'm a very impulsive shopper. Compulsive, too, which is a bad combination. Add to that almost lethal combination the face that I got a bonus on Thursday. I put most of it on my current expenses, but have a good bit left over.

Anyway, the battery in my iPod is fairly shot after almost three years. I have two options:

- Pay almost $100 to have my current iPod shipped to Apple to be replaced. They send a new iPod, and you lose everything that is on it anyway. (I've already downloaded PodUtil and taken all of my music off of the iPod and backed it up on our music drive).


- Spend $300 for a 30GB or $400 for a 60GB iPod which will not only play all of my music, it has a much LONGER battery life (15-20 hours versus 8 on my current one) and also shows pictures, videos, TV shows, etc. I already have shows and videos, but they are just used on my laptop for now.

So, poll for the masses:

Which option should I go with?

Just get the current iPod replaced - it's the cheaper option
Get a new iPod, but only the 30GB. It saves you $100
Go ahead and spend the extra $100 to get the 60GB iPod
Do nothing. If your old iPod still works when connected to a power source, wait until it REALLY breaks to replace it.



Damn bored.

Bored out of my gourd.

The kids are clean and off to bed. Tippy leaves in the morning. I've watched most of my good shows on TIVO. I'm doing laundry. It is quiet and lonely here. I generally like being alone, but tonight is different for whatever reason.

I'm really and truly bored. Nothing seems to motivate me tonight. Not puzzles, TV, games, reading, computer, nothing.

What I have to watch when I'm this bored is spending money and eating. At least I know my weaknesses :)
Bad luck

Thank you, drought

I noticed our fence bending in the wind and went to check it out. Coming from the corner of our house, down to the street looks like a freakin' fault line. There is a deep gap, maybe an inch or more wide in parts. The ground has pulled away from the concrete supporting the metal poles on our fence so that they just...sway back and forth. This drought has GOT to end so we can water the damn place.

I'm going out tomorrow to try to get soaker hoses so we don't get serious foundation problems on our house. If we don't already thanks to this.

One good thing, it feels REALLY good out there right now. Not too hot with a strong breeze. The strange thing about that is that it is COMPARATIVELY cool outside. I think it feels GREAT - compared with 106. It's only 95 out there right now. Downright chilly! :)


Note to self: Don't get so bored that you look through things that haven't been touched in 15-20 years.


I pulled out a notebook from high school. I wanted to see if it had pictures in it. Instead, out fell a big pile of notes. Letters passed in class. High school drama. Letters sent from friends serving in the military. Quite *ahem* graphic notes from people I was dating at one time or another. Even flirty notes with 'good friends'.

Damn, I think I blushed reading some of this!!!!!

NO, I won't be sharing details :) Except maybe with the few people I am in touch with that wrote some of them *evil laugh*