August 16th, 2006


Keep your germs to yourself, Thank you

These people on damn planes, and their wandering germs. That's what I'm blaming this on.

I got back on Sunday, slept most of the day, and then had to go to kindergarten orientation with the boys on Monday. It was HARD to get up early, since we had finally gotten them to sleep in until 7:30 and now we have to get them up before 7. Anyway, yesterday I took them to kindergarten and they stayed the whole day. It's a good thing, since my head started hurting a bit and I was very dizzy. It feels a little bit like when you have a high fever, except I don't have a fever. Last night at Tae Kwon Do was HARD!!! We were pre-testing, and I passed enough to get OK'd for my orange belt test next week. However, I almost passed out twice, and couldn't give it my all. When I came home, I was still feeling very floaty in my head. Late last night, Scott comes to bed saying he feels the same. Unfortunately, he has to travel starting Sunday, so I hope it goes away quickly.


We have a new guest puppy in the house. Tippy, a 9-month-old Shih Tzu. He's a cutie, but his front feet and the fur around his mouth are stained orange because he eats BABY CARROTS as snacks. Funny, actually. He's somewhat housetrained, LOVES to play with his toys (of which he brought like 10), but has no formal training. He knows no commands, thinks everything on the floor is a dog toy, and doesn't seem to know what 'no' means so I have to use a louder voice than I want to. He's never boarded before, but if things work out here, they want him to come back to stay with me again for 9 days in September.

He hasn't been introduced to Pepper and Barqs yet, but as soon as Scott gets a work break we'll be doing that.


Please make my head stop spinning. Please? I have too much to do.

Surprising dog introduction

Wow. Whooda thunk it? Generally, when we introduce our dogs to a new dog, we have to put Barqs on a leash until she gets settled, but Pepper pays no mind to new dogs now. This is the first time we've had a PUPPY in the house though.

Barqs warmed up almost immediately. None of her usual growling and snipping. Tippy, the puppy, is running up and playing with her, they are bowling each other over, sharing toys, playing chase, pawing at each other, and Tippy is licking Barq's face. Since Tippy barks quite a bit when playing, and tries to chase Pepper, Pepper is having NONE OF IT. She just goes in a corner and barks and growls. We had to put her in her crate for a while.

Now Barqs, the old lady, is worn out and sleeping on my lap. Pepper is trying to sleep in her bed next to my chair. Tippy is sitting in front of her barking his fool head off. Pepper keeps giving her 'warning sneer'. Why does she feel threatened by this dog, but by no other?