August 8th, 2006


Leaving on a jet plane

This time tomorrow, I will be in the air on my way to visit georgiaskydiver!!!!

I usually try to pack light, so I don't have to check bags. However, I know us. We'll shop. I used a BIG suitcase and will check it, so that I have room to bring things back. :)

I'm tired, but I'm mostly packed.

I have two conference calls today, a weekly report to write, and Tae Kwon Do tonight.


I can't imagine what this house will look like when I get back home.

Tuesday - officially vacation now

In less than 12 hours I will be on my way to visit georgiaskydiver! YAY!

The boys and I went to TKD tonight, and the instructor sprung on us in the middle of warmups that I was 'Student of the Week'. Again, YAY!

We had to do 50 sweeping side kicks (think of a roundhouse without the spin) without setting our foot down, on each side, and I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow. That spa day on Friday will be well deserved. :)

I can't wait!!!!