July 28th, 2006

Responsible adult


It has been a week for memories. I've been talking to my old friend, Duggo, quite a lot. I haven't seen him in forever, but he's definitely a person I miss having around. We started talking about old times at his grandmother's old house, where he and his brother lived after she passed away. There was a period of time where they had no power, yet we lit lots of candles and partied for weeks anyway. I had pictures from that time and scanned them in for Duggo to see.

Just looking around to see if I could locate some of the people in the pictures, I ran across SkateAlabama.com. Ok, It never really dawned on me that I hung out with a 'Skater crowd', until I started digging through some of the photos they have on there from the 80s. MY GOD, talk about memories! I realized Wyatt Akins ran the site, so I sent him the photos I had scanned in for Duggo. It started a nice back and forth on the old days.

I've got some more photos from those times that I need to scan in.

People sometimes question how I have always taken lots of pictures and horde all of them in my closet. It's just for times like this, when I get to bring back memories with old friends, and the pictures just help us feed those memories.

Talking about the skater crowd, I got called a Betty yesterday. That's still a good thing, right? :) Of course, we were talking about when I was in my late teens, but it still made me feel good.