July 19th, 2006

Best friends

Hey - georgiaskydiver

Did you know you rock, georgiaskydiver?

I got a great package today, which made me fairly bouncy. You seem to know me and my house so well!! I keep some of those long memo pads on the fridge for shopping lists, and the saying is perfect. I also have drink coasters which hold those cocktail napkins so you can switch out what they look like (they are just clear lucite, so the napkin is the decoration). I've already put four of the napkins in there, and the flip-flop magnet on the fridge!

The finale is the apron!!!! Black and tan is the 'color' in our kitchen, and you KNOW me and leopard print!!!!!!! :)

Love you SO MUCH! We are going to have so much fun smelling like coconuts sometime next month!

BTW - you should see the skins I got for my phone and iPod! I found leopard print ones!