July 4th, 2006


Oh, yeah

Whenever I use this icon, I can just imagine the evil twin off to the left.

Every time, that's what I see. Guess that says a lot about our house, huh? :)
Mom and kids

Waterlogged...and loving it

This next month I should be getting some well-deserved 'summer time'. It's almost non-stop!

- Saturday, we went over to Todd and Colleen's for a cookout. Unfortunately, Michael determined it would only be for a couple of hours.

- Yesterday, we grilled out in the backyard and spent all evening out there playing. I think we grilled every meat known to man, plus some veggies: Pork chops, steak, sweet Italian sausage, hot dogs, corn on the cob, mushrooms, onion, garlic. I drank a good deal of wine, we listened to tunes on my iPod, swung in the swing, and had an ice fight :)

- Today, we are going over to Brett and Angela's for the 4th. Swimming, grilling out, volleyball, and I'm bringing the double slip-n-slide that georgiaskydiver gave the boys for their birthday. It will no doubt be a late night.

- Thursday, I get the other side of my back done and Friday they deliver my new washer and dryer. Just thought I would throw that in there!

- Saturday is a birthday party for Brett and Ang's youngest, again at their house. More swimming and hanging out.

- The next Thursday, when the boys get out of gymnastics camp, it is a birthday party for Todd and Colleen's youngest. Yet another pool party.

- The next Saturday (the 15th) is a joint birthday party for Erika's (our former nanny) two boys. You guessed it - swimming in their pool.

- That SAME NIGHT, we're taking an overnight bag with us and the kids over to Brett and Angela's, because Brett's birthday party starts at 8. Guess what? Swimming, jacuzzi, drinking - kids will play inside, watch movies, and drift off to sleep in the cutest pile, as they always do. I guess Scott, who has yet to see their house since he has been travelling so much, will be sleeping in Kayln's VERY pink Princess bedroom *laugh*.

- The 21-23, Todd and Colleen have offered to watch our kids for the weekend so Scott and I don't lose two free airplane tickets we have, which expire on the 31st. I think we are going to DC.

- georgiaskydiver and I are thinking about changing plans and just going to Hot Springs for a few days the first week of August. That way, she gets back to work earlier, and I don't miss my kids' first day of kindergarten!!!

After that, I think I'll need a vacation from my vacation.

Who wants to make a bet on how soon I get a good sunburn? Will it be today? Maybe this Saturday? Will I avoid it completely this year? *laugh*