July 1st, 2006


I am SUCH a Mom

I swear I am such a MOM!

This morning, Michael got on the scale and he weighs 48 pounds. My 'baby' is almost 50 pounds! Keep this in mind.

I've been dreaming of a new recliner. I've spent time over the last few weeks going into different furniture stores, trying all of their recliners. I finally found the PERFECT chair at La-Z-Boy. It's their Grand Canyon. They had one the exact color of our couch and loveseat. I usually keep a wedge pillow under my knees, but this chair creates its own wedge under your knees when you pull the leg rest out. I keep a pillow under my lower back to provide more lumbar support, but this chair has three layers of pillows so you can roll up a towel or something under any one you want to create more padding. You can recline without pulling the foot rest out, and still ROCK!

It's a perfect replacement for this old recliner that I bought when I was pregnant. It was a cheap Rooms to Go recliner, bought only because it was wide enough to be able to hold and nurse twins, and it was microfiber so easy to clean up.

Today, I had Scott take out the back seat of my van and I headed over to La-Z-Boy. They were having a sale with either 10% off or 12 months same as cash. I was ready to walk out with a new recliner today!!!!

I entered the store and walked straight to the chair I wanted. I plopped down, reclined, and thought about how comfortable it was. Since I was reclined back even farther than my current chair will go, I remarked that it felt like I could tip right over. The salesman assured me that it was perfectly balanced and that wasn't going to happen...

"Unless someone were to throw 50 pounds at your chest"

Then it hit me. I regulary DO get 50 pounds thrown at my chest. My boys still love to climb on either side of me and snuggle in (of course, now they each sit on the large arms of the big recliner I have). We couldn't do that in the new chair. It's not as wide and has small arms. My heart just jumped.

I'm not ready to give up cuddling with my boys in this old recliner. Maybe when they are older and no longer want to sit and snuggle, then I'll get a chair just for me. Until then, I think I'll keep my old recliner a little bit longer.