June 29th, 2006


One side down

I'm home already, with one side of my spine 'nerve free'. YAY!

I'm doped up, so I'm sure I'll crash here in a few minutes. Eating a bagel and drinking a Diet root beer because I'm starving.

I'm going to go buy my new recliner this weekend from La-Z-Boy. It's SO COOL! I can't wait.

Vicoden kicking in on top of the sedation.

Night night.

What a great husband

Today, I just have been sitting here going 'Ouch', taking lots of narcotics and laying on a large ice pack (about a foot by a foot). Scott took today and tomorrow off to help me. While I was getting the first part of my back done, he took the kids to school. I got home about 10:30, actually did an 11-12 call, and promptly started to go back anf forth between sleep and work.

At 1:45, it was time for Scott to go to pick up the kids. Guess what a sweetheart I have? He didn't bring them home until about 6:30, brought home great food for me, a gallon of Breyer's light double churn ice cream, a slice of blackberry pie, Cool Whip light, and then took the kids into the backyard until it was time for bed.

I love that man. He may not be the most verbal, communicative or 'cuddly', but he is very thoughtful and shows his love in so many ways.

(No, picking up the house isn't one of them, but for tonight, I can forgive that)