June 14th, 2006


Sleep, glorious sleep

I finally got to sleep about 1 am this morning, and slept through until 8 when I got up with the kids. I made breakfast, dealt with the pest control man, did some work and promptly fell back asleep for an hour nap in my chair.

I feel SO much better now!

I still need a shower, though. I think I can get off conference calls in another hour and a half and can do that.

I'm also surprisingly not sore (except for my back) from the class last night.
Seemed like a good idea

Merry Christmas!

It certainly looked and felt like Christmas around here today. The FedEx girl knocked on the door with four HUGE boxes! All of the items from the Southern Living at Home party came in today. I went through and got everyone's items seperated and put into bags. I made myself do that before I even looked at my stuff.

I felt like a child ripping into my boxes. I ordered a LOT of stuff! I can't wait to get to use some of it and integrate it into what passes for decor in my home.

Remember last week I bought that Oreck orbiter and stuff to dry clean and spot clean the carpet? Good buy. Great timing.

I had all of those huge boxes, right? What could be more fun for two five-year-olds than a bunch of boxes and packing material??? While I was going through all of my purchases, they were playing in the living room and front entryway with the boxes. After about an hour, I walked over and almost cried! Evidentally, there was some kind of black ink all over the outside of some of the boxes, and it came off ALL OVER my carpet. I couldn't see the extent of it until I picked all of the boxes and materials up. There were huge black spots, some a full foot across, on our light beige carpet, the entry tile, and my entry rug.

Before cleaning the carpet, I wanted to clean the ink off of the kids so they wouldn't spread it. It was next to IMPOSSIBLE to get off.


Anyway, after I got off my last conference call this evening, I spent about an HOUR scrubbing the worst spots with cleaner, then using the dry cleaning solution to work the entire carpet, which was grey. It's amazing. If you didn't know it happened, you wouldn't be able to tell. I'm amazed. I love my orbiter.

And yes - I love my Southern Living at Home purchases *laugh* I need to just do a party once a year so I can get lots of stuff cheap. It also gets me out to deliver everyone else's puchases, so I get to socialize! YAY!

suewin! Let me know when you get back into town (aren't you out right now?) so we can set up for me to get your stuff and the clothes I forgot about over to you.
One of those days

Please send your prayers

If you aren't religious, at least send your thoughts. I mentioned the other day that one of my best friends, Danny, was back in the hospital in Huntsville because of his Crohn's. In the past, he has had really bad flare ups, and had part of his intestines removed.

I got a text message from one of his co-workers and friends saying they had taken Danny into surgery for his Crohn's and to remove his gall bladder. I called his cell tonight at nine to see how things went, and his friend answered. He went into surgery around 3 pm and just went into recovery around nine. He had a bowel obstruction and had to have more of his bowels removed. I'm not sure how extensive.

Thankfully, his friend said she and her husband would stay with him and take care of him while he recovers. I feel absolutely shitty that I can't drop everything and go help him. I did it when his mom died in December, but with my mom and the kids and Scott's travel, I just can't get away right now. It just hurts my heart.

Hey - there are lots of Huntsville people on my FL. Is someone willing to do me a favor? I can PayPal you some money or something, but I want someone to do me a favor!!!! If not, I'll buy online and see if I can have it shipped to the hospital, but I would prefer for someone to personally take this to Danny, even though you don't know him. I need something 'Thumper' from Toys-R-Us or the Disney store, like a stuffed animal, mug or something like that. Also flowers - something happy. That part I can easily do through the florist, but not the Thumper part. It would mean a great deal to me to have someone take it to him at Huntsville Hospital. If anyone is up for it, let me know and I can get you the money and his information. If I haven't had a volunteer by tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to go ahead and do something online.

Either way, everyone please pray and send good vibes.