June 12th, 2006


Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude

I'm not particularly a Jimmy Buffet fan, although it isn't that I don't like his music. However, Margaritaville came on the radio while I was taking the boys to school and I started singing along. It just made me feel good. Now, I think I need to purchase several 'feel good' Buffet songs to put on my iPod. They just seem perfect for a summer when you want to make yourself relax and think back on good times. Being out with friends at the pool. Drinking on the beach. Crazy summer road trips where there wasn't really a schedule and it didn't matter if you actually made it to your destination.

My life is too hectic. I need to slow down and change my attitude. Oh, and drink a margarita. :)

If it weren't so hot...

Later this afternoon, about 5:30, the boys and I went out into the backyard to make use of their new bug vacuum. They each have bug homes, with magnifying glass lids, but had a heck of a time catching bugs. They talked it over with me and decided to split the cost out of their piggy bank for a bug catcher ($5 each) (See, I don't COMPLETELY spoil my children! When Michael had an accident on the mini-couch in their room, I gave him the option of no more mini-couch, or paying $30 out of his piggy bank to buy a new one. He wisely kept his money). Anyway!!!! We went out in the backyard and braved the heat to catch bugs.

Actually, the boys caught bugs and I swung under the gazebo. A couple of weeks ago, I got a portable stereo system for my iPod, which was on the half price rack at Target, which has stereo sound and a sub-woofer (the stereo, not Target). Since hearing Margaritaville this morning and feeling so wonderful, I downloaded several songs from iTunes and sat out blasting them in the backyard. I could just close my eyes, swing, sing along, and hear my boys laughing and running in the backyard.

What a great day!

(And no, I'm not saying that because the doctor loaded me up with a steroid shot, Ultram ER, and Darvocet this morning for my back, although that helped)

Tomorrow, despite my back pain, is my first day of Tae Kwon Do in the mixed class with Michael and Matthew. I don't know how they will handle being in a class not geared COMPLETELY towards children, and I'm honestly not sure I'll be able to keep up. But I am REALLY looking forward to trying!