June 10th, 2006


The sounds of silence

I went to bed around 9 pm last night, after having fallen asleep at random times yesterday. So I'm up early this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. I threw on a comfy night shirt and lounge pants, brushed my teeth, and came out to my recliner.

Nobody else in the house is awake. Even the kids are still sleeping (if you don't already have blackout blinds in your kid's rooms, RUN to get them now!). All I can hear in the house is the sound of water falling from the aquarium filter into the tank. It's like having a waterfall in the background (and probably means we need to add water to the tank this weekend).

It's so peaceful out here now.
Blue dancing

Good news

OH! I almost forgot to post this!

Mom had her PET scan on Thursday, and yesterday we went to the oncologist again. They aren't sure what the nodules in her lungs are, but the PET scan showed they aren't malignant! YAY!!!!! We'll get her mammogram in a few days, just because she's due and has had breast cancer twice.

After that comes back clear, we can try AGAIN to get her double knee replacement. *crosses fingers*


While at the oncologist, I gave blood for multiple genetic tests. It will be four weeks before the results come back and I'm hoping for them to say I have none of the genetic mutations for breast cancer, colorectal cancers or ovarian cancer. My grandmother died of ovarian cancer, my mom and her sister have both battled breast cancer at relatively young ages (before 50), and I have had pre-cancer in both my colon and cervix. That's why I thought the testing was wise.

Question is, what to do if it is positive? I know I'll get tested more often. I already get colon screening every 2-3 years because of my history, so that would move to annually. They say to also start getting mammograms every year. I have already started getting them, but only ever 3-4 years.

4 weeks is too long to sit around worrying about the results, so I'll just bide my time and see where the dice land.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Colin, one of the boys' preschool classmates. But most of all, happy day to his MOM! When I walked in expecting two hours of screaming kids and correcting my children, instead I was told to leave my cell phone and go enjoy myself for 2 hours.


I LOVE her! I went to Kohl's, went to Radio Shack (needed an adapter for my new cell phone to go with my car iGo), to Best Buy and Staples. It was relaxing, then I went to pick up the kids in time to have a bite of ice cream sandwich and bring them home. Now THAT is the best kind of party.

Now I have a Michael snuggling up to me telling me he loves me. It just doesn't get any better.