June 7th, 2006


Ongoing pity party

There is hope.

I asked the home health nurse when she came by today to check on mom, what her ideas were for getting some help. Mom can't afford any of the independent living places, and there is a three year waiting list for the Texas CBA (they help pay for independent or assisted living facilities for the elderly in Texas, and we've only been on the list a year and a half). Kathy, the nurse, said that she knows I need a break and that I have things I need to do for myself medically. She is in the complex mom lives in or very close almost every day of the week. She said that for no charge, if I want to take mom home for a while, she can just stop by for 5 or 10 minutes to make sure mom is still doing ok. We know mom flat out lies to me on the phone so I 'won't worry', but she is generally truthful when face-to-face with Kathy.

This will be a big help to me.

Tommorrow is the PET scan and then Friday we are back to the oncologist to find out the results from her lung nodules, and anything else they find.
Bored - entertain me

WHAT was I thinking?

Ok, just because I don't have ENOUGH going on in my life *laugh*

Tonight, I signed up for Tae Kwon Do. I figure I'm bringing the kids in once a week and then I'm just sitting on my ass in the waiting area. Now, the boys and I are in the mixed beginners class (adults and kids five and older) together. I got my Gi, my training manual, and am looking forward to my first class with the boys next week.

After class, we went to an Oreck party a friend hosted. If you don't know what Oreck is, it's a vacuum cleaner that is supposed to be just GREAT. In the ads for it, you see the owner picking up a bowling ball with a canister vac? Well, they did that at the party. My boys really enjoyed watching them make messes and then clean them up. Michael even helped. They offered me 14 months interest free, and $100 off, so I got the Orbiter, dry cleaning package for carpet, stain pretreater, some additional attachements for the orbiter, and a 'no-return' stain cleaner. I also got a free car vacuum just for attending.

I actually can't WAIT to clean my carpets!!!! How pathetic is that? :)