May 13th, 2006


The 'Daddy Outing'

Since Scott is rarely in town, when he is, he usually plans something to get us out of the house and active for at least one day of the weekend. Sometimes, it is as simple as playing in the backyard. Other times, it is way more complex. Today, it fell somewhere in between and also fell apart as the day went on.

We got around, showered, and then went for lunch at Old Heidelberg. YAY! LOVE German food. LOVE German wine (which I had two wonderful Reislings that I had not had previously). LOVE their warm berries jubilee (always brought with four spoons). I had, as always, the Jaeger Schnitzel, and ate too much.

After eating, we went by Fry's to get some computer parts. Last year, Scott got this great idea that he could cut down on the sound in his 'server room' (office closet) by replacing the fans in his computer with a water cooling system. It has worked great all year, and runs on distilled water. He had to open it up for something today and noticed there was some kind of sludge blocking the hoses. It had covered the whole inside of the water cooling system, and was leaking. He grabbed a towel and brought it downstairs to the kitchen. When he tried to open the hose to disconnect it, water splashed out onto the motherboard. Ooops. So, he decided to toss the water cooling system and go back to a tried and true fan, along with replacing some things that *ahem* no longer worked.

Our big adventure for the day was to go to Adventure Land down on Coit just south of 190. They have mini-golf, go-karts, laser tag, and an arcade. We were going to make a day of it. We bought two games of mini-golf, and were told that one could be used another day. We went through 18 holes and the kids LOVED it. They wanted to do another course, but about halfway through they were sunburned, sweaty, and bored with it. Then Matthew fell down and scraped both knees, so he didn't want to play anymore. It annoyed the heck out of Scott that they couldn't stick with anything active for very long (like mini-golf is active). I think he was a bit grumpy from the heat as well. We ended up only making about 24 holes and then going straight home.

We were going to go to the store after Adventure Land, but since my men were all tired and grumpy, we just came straight home. Scott says that he and the boys will go to the store tomorrow, get flowers, balloons and food to grill out in the backyard. I hope I don't have to do ANYTHING.

I think I need a spa day, like everyone has been telling me. Maybe next month, after I pay the final tuition for the boys before they start kindergarten.


Speaking of spas, I was looking at one of those shiatsu massage chair things (not the whole chair, which is like $5000, but the one you just sit on your chair like a mat?). I have got to have one, but I couldn't bring myself to spend the money. Good ones are well over $100. You know what I would like more though? Even though it is completely impractical and never to happen? Those chairs they use at the nail salons. There is a tub at the bottom for your feet, which fills with hot water and starts a whirlpool, the leather chair has inserts for your drink and a small table attached. It also does shiatsu massage, and even some sort of air inflation massage on your legs and bottom. Heat, too. You can sit there the whole time they are doing your mani/pedi and just RELAX. I love those chairs. Hmmm, I might not be able to afford a spa day this week, but I damn sure can put together $50 to go get a good mani/pedi.