May 8th, 2006

Days attack at once

Is it really only Monday?

I think I've found a fit for the boys. Wednesday we are going to an introductory Tae Kwon Do class. I think the boys will REALLY like this. If they seem to, I'm going to go ahead and sign them up for the Wednesday evening classes, since they will be in summer camp only on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. I hope it teaches them respect, control, and not to hurt others (and each other).


Since things have slowed down, it has started to catch up with me. I feel sort of unmotivated and depressed slightly again.


I'm going to start pet sitting for some neighbors that run a business for pet owners. They pick up the animal, bring them to the sitter along with food, toys, bed and anything else needed, and then pick them up when the owners get back. I just think this will be so much fun, and bring in some extra spending cash. I also think Pepper and Barqs will enjoy having new dogs to play with off and on.


I'm so freakin bored. Back to my puzzle and my puppies.

Momentary glimpses of humor

Every once in a while, my mother can be a really funny person. It only happens a couple of times a year, so when it does, it floors you. I have a feeling she used to be like that all of the time, until the death of my father and raising a little girl on her own. It seems like the type of person my father would have been attracted to. While she has been living with us, she has actually told a couple of stories I had never heard before.

My dad was the type of person who was on the edge of technology. He was always the first to have any new gadget. Therefore, he was the first person in their crowd to get a Radar Range. Nobody in the neighborhood trusted the thing, thinking they would get radiation or some sort of mutation if they ate food cooked in it. I knew this part of the story. What I didn't know was how my dad had to get familiar with what you could and couldn't cook in the microwave. Mom says that one day she came in and Dad had tried to make muffins. He poured the mix into the little paper cups and popped them in the microwave.

Where they promptly flattened out into pancakes.

Mom never said whether or not they ate them, but I bet it would have proved some sort of point to the neighbors.