May 6th, 2006


Family Saturday

What a great day to take advantage of the little time we have with Scott. He got in around midnight last night, and has to go set up for a trade show tomorrow. We got up and went to the absolute BEST pet store! Plano Pets is amazing - I don't know why I didn't know it was there. They had a little baby Cairn Terrier that reminded us so much of Barqs when she was small. However, it was a pet store and they wanted like $750 for her!!! We paid $350 for Barqs from a breeder. The reptile room there is GREAT! The whole place looks like a tropical jungle, and there are free-roaming iguanas and anoles. They have plenty of the fish supplies Scott needed, and I was able to get some new food to try with Maude (a leopard gecko who has stopped eating) and the crabs.

From there, we went to P.F.Chang's to eat lunch, and the boys actually ate quite a bit. They ate lettuce wraps, fried rice, and shrimp. I absolutely drool for P.F.Chang's. I'm glad Scott wanted to go there.

Next was the Galleria for ice skating. Scott can't skate because of his gout (old man!), but he bought a short introductory lesson for them. What is WRONG with my kids that they are so resistant to anything athletic? They keep saying they want to play ball - soccer, baseball, football. They will not spend more than 5 minutes on an activity though. We tried getting them on their rollerblades, but after five minutes when they can't get it right, they get frustrated and stop. Same thing today on the ice. Since they were just slipping around, they started to ignore the teacher and just want off the ice. After the teacher left, we made ONE round of the rink, with them holding onto the side with one hand. We had to constantly remind them to hold on with only one hand, how to step, and to go slow. After one round, they walked off. I skated around for another 5-10 minutes by myself (boring, but enough to work up a sweat) then left.

After skating, we went for ice cream and did a little shopping. The boys got to pick out one book each from the book store which got them really excited. Ok, they won't be athletic, but I am SO GLAD to see that they love reading.

I'm absolutely exhausted now and my back is killing me from bending over to help a five-year-old learn to skate. The boys are now quietly playing with a Star Wars sticker book they picked out, and sharing a bottle of water. It's times like these that make me realize how great my family is and how much I love my life.

Oh yeah...


I talked to my mom's doctor yesterday and they believe they got ALL of the cancer!!!!! Since she has been doing so well, taking her meds, eating (with the help of an appetite stimulant pill), her head is clearer, and we BEAT the cancer's ass, I have allowed her to go to her apartment at the senior center. I check in on her regularly, as does the nurse and her neurologist. In two weeks, her blood will be drawn by the home health nurse and if it is up to normal again, we can schedule her double knee replacement.

Things are looking so good. I feel like we've crossed a hurdle and gotten my mom back on track. I also feel like I've gotten a piece of myself back by being able to have her back in her apartment for a short while. It gives her some independence and gives me some time outside of the caregiver role.

Anyway, Go MOM!!!! This is THREE TIMES you have kicked cancer's ass. When will it ever learn you aren't one to be messed with? :)