April 27th, 2006



Has anyone seen this? It's advertiser driven, and you have to answer silly ad questions before moving on to the game, but it's a free way to play games and make actual money. You start with a single penny, and can keep doubling your money on each win. Even if you bust out, you get a free penny at the end to start over again. It's in beta and invitation only. I've got a couple.

Anyone interested?

Moola.com for more info on what this is about.

Please call

I'm sending vibes for the doctor to call as soon as humanly possible today to get us out of this misery - well, to get ME out of this misery of waiting and to start US on the path of making a plan.


On a bit stranger note, giving me quite the OOKEY feeling this morning, Michael did something that stopped me in my tracks. Matthew has been having nightmares every night, very vivid, and we think it is because of his medicine. When he has them, he likes to crawl into bed with Michael. Michael prefers to sleep alone. I wanted to impress upon Michael how much Matthew and I appreciated him being a caring brother, and I started out by asking if he remembers how scared nightmares make him. He came over to me and said he has them sometimes. Usually his dreams are good, but sometimes, they are scary. He then proceeded to say like the one he had a few nights ago where Gamma was dead. He was walking through somewhere, and he found bones, so he was looking for his flashlight. Once he found it, he saw that the bones were Gamma, and it made him really sad.

My kid is having dreams of my mom dying, when nobody but me and her doctor knows she has cancer. Do kids really pick up on unspoken things that much, or is that just too strange?


I called the doctor to find out when we should expect a call, and they tell me they don't usually get the information back from the CT scans at the hospital for 3-4 days. Ugh. We'll have to wait until next week to find out anything. This SUCKS!!! You would think if you were waiting on cancer info they would put a rush on things.

I'm going to try letting mom go to her apartment for the weekend. I'll take her home tomorrow morning, call her twice a day, and see how things go. The nurse goes to see her on Monday, so I'll figure out whether to send her there or bring Mom here first.

The waiting is killing me.