April 10th, 2006


Oh no, they didn't

The kids are registered for Kindergarten now.

Good news - They may be able to be in the same class, and might be able to transfer to go to the school 2 blocks from our house instead of the one 2 miles away that we are zoned for.

Bad new - I WILL MISS MY BOYS' FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!! Turns out school starts August 14. I'll be in Florida. SHIT!


So, mom was extremely anemic. The doctor thinks she is losing blood somewhere (You mean other than the massive amounts YOU keep taking out of her for tests and to store blood for the surgery?), so they have



Now, he wants us to go get her checked for intestinal bleeding. She's been told she has diverticulitis before, so it's off to the GI doc as soon as we can. We have to see if we can keep the nurse and physical therapist coming out, since they were going to leave because surgery was in two days. We have MORE medicine - Iron to build up her blood, Ultram (my fave) instead of her Mobic (arthritis medicine).


The doctor made us wait almost an hour and a half before he saw us for our 4 pm appointment. Grrrr.

Mom really wants to go home, and I don't blame her. She thought she would be HOME and out of pain in 4-6 weeks, now it looks more like a few months.

Again - fuck.


Ok, my mother never really takes pain killers. She's NEVER taken a non-narcotic pain killer stronger than Celebrex. I wanted to monitor her reaction to it, because of all of the other meds she was on, so I talked her into taking one after dinner.

First, she asked if it meant it was working if her head felt kind of empty. (Yeah, other than the fact that it's empty some of the time anyway)

Second, she told me that she hasn't been this relaxed and stress-free in years.

Thirdly, she said she felt she was floating.

Then, I noticed her eyes were closed, yet her knee was bouncing rapidly.

Dear God! My mother was high and just riding along with it. She did finally say she wasn't sure if she liked that feeling, being so out of control, but she DID state that she felt no pain in her back or her fingers, which are so worn from arthritis that some no longer bend.

I just told her it takes time to be functional on many meds, and this one is no different. I've taken it when I need pain relief for my back for about 2 years now. If it gets bad, I pop two and don't take any more the rest of the day. It takes the edge off the pain, but you have to learn how to work around it.

Is it mean to think it's funny when your mom is on drugs?