April 1st, 2006


Please make it stop!

Ok, I think we're going to go with the morning dose, but maybe skip the afternoon dose of Adderall for Matthew.

Ever since about 3 this afternoon, he has been talking NON STOP. It's after 10 and his brother is sleeping peacefully. Well, as peacefully as you can with someone singing at the top of their lungs five feet from you. Matthew is making up songs about each of us, his animals, things he's done, when they were babies, everything.

He had mom and I in TEARS when he sang the 'mommy song'. It went a little something like this:

'Mom's so nice. Mom's so great. Mom is beautiful. I love Mom. Mom's so nice. Mom's so nice!'

We tried playing in the yard earlier, but he just followed me around chattering. I finally called Scott's mom, because Matthew never really talks on the phone, and just handed him the phone. He talked and talked and talked.

Now he's doing it to his dad (who came home a little while ago!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Scott just took an Ambien and is trying to get over the 11 hour time difference. Yet, Matthew is singing up a storm to him. *laugh*

On the plus side, Matthew has been much calmer today. He actually sat STILL for lunch, the entire time. He responded to questions and directions the first time they were given, and is making more eye contact. He is being way more interactive - to the point of wanting someone to play with him CONSTANTLY. Before, he was happy in his own little world, and you had to work to break into it. This is so great, but DANG - my four year old is on SPEED!!!!!

We're calling them his 'focus pills'. :)


Scott came home and I was so excited! He brought mom a mug, the kids some handmade catapiller puppets and a bug and bat display (you know, real ones pinned to a background? Ugh). I got a lamp, a very neon painting on black velvet (YES!!!! It ain't Elvis, but you can't beat black velvet paintings that look so cool under blacklight), pictures of him dressed in traditional Thai clothing, a handmade butterfly brooch, and the most beautiful and huge gem. He's asleep, and I forgot to ask him what - but it's pink, and sparkles just like a diamond in this cut. It's maybe an inch by 3/4 inch. GORGEOUS! I'll take pics now that I have my camera back.

I can't believe my baby's home. He has to fly back out again this Monday, but only for one day. He'll have to go back to Thailand in July or somewhere around there, and also a trip to Singapore. He also wants us to take the kids up to Indiana to see some of his family for a long weekend.

I've told him that I absolutely MUST have between August 9 - 16 to do with as I please, and he has the kids and my mom, if necessary. That's my time. And georgiaskydiver time.

God, I'm glad he's back.