March 31st, 2006


Speed, anyone?

Ok, it's official now. Not like we didn't believe the last four or five professionals who told us this.

Today, Matthew met with a child psychiatrist. He definitely has ADHD. The doc was actually surprised at how many of the signs he exhibited.

So, tomorrow morning, we start Adderall. First, a half tab in the morning and one in the afternoon, then moving to a full tab after a week or so. I hate that it had to resort to meds, but he has really become a problem in school. With kindergarten coming up this fall, I want to give him the best chance he can get.

The thing that cracked me up was the unexpected generic name for Adderall from our pharmacy.

'Amphetamine salts'

Yes, please!

(Of course, the pharmacist probably thought we were nuts where we come in and get amphetamines, a stimulant, and Klonopin, a CNS depressant, at the same time *laugh*)


My mom got me this great swing for the backyard for my birthday. It has two chairs, but you can swing out the base so they are more like lounge chairs. The bottom of the foot rest part has wheels, so you barely move your feet and you swing. In between the two seats there is a basket, and a table that swings around to be used by either occupant. It is also covered by a nice movable awning. LOVE IT! I set it up yesterday afternoon, but tonight was the first time we got to use it.

Matthew was playing in the back yard, my mom was sitting in a chair, and Michael and I were swinging. Matthew had to go in to use the bathroom, and mom went in for something or other.

Michael and I were kicked back rocking, with the twinkling white Christmas lights all around the inside of the gazebo, the mosquito netting blowing in the breeze, the puppy dogs laying a few feet from us, and the sun setting. Michael turned to me, and goodness only knows where he got this from, but he put his hands behind his head and asked:

"Mom, is this paradise?"

Yes, Michael, it's pretty damn close.