March 28th, 2006


Ah, Spring!

I absolutely LOVE the way the weather has been lately. We are really enjoying our backyard. All of us piled into the gazebo and ate dinner, then the boys and I played for a while. Michael got his bat and I practiced pitched at him. He's getting pretty good, but he still closes his eyes right as he is hitting. He tells me that next he wants to learn golf! I guess I'll have to get a plastic golf set, or break out my nice putter set I got from the Partner Summit so many years back. Golf!?!?! I thought he was teasing until I asked him how many holes there were in golf and he answered '18' without hesitation. Where did he learn this?

BTW - there was a package outside yesterday. A lovely lime green wrapped gift is sitting on the table waiting on the boys' birthday. I didn't let them see it, but I could NOT HELP MYSELF!!!!!!!!! I looked at the packing slip. georgiaskydiver, you absolutely freaking rock!!!! They will LOVE their gift. I didn't even know they made something like that where two kids could play at once. And yes, everybody else, I'm keeping what it is a secret until their birthday :)