March 21st, 2006


I have a backyard?

The past two days, it has been muddy after a week's worth of rain. However, the weather has been gorgeous! Not too cold, not at all hot. Yesterday afternoon, and then again today, the boys and I have gone out in the backyard to blow bubbles (all of us), play with trucks (them) and do yardwork (me). I got SO MUCH done, and had a great time. I miss my backyard when it's too cold or too hot to use it.

I did some more weeding, bagged up the old sunflower stalks and the old plantings I had cleared out, picked up the hose, blocked off some of the paths the dogs run so grass would start growing there, and cleaned up the chairs under the gazebo. It was supposed to be a high of 55 today, with a low tonight around 38, but I don't believe it for a second. It was MUCH warmer than 55 out there. We had a great time, and hopefully we can do it every afternoon for a while. I would love to spend this weekend out in the yard.

I have developed a plan for the area around our patio that doesn't get much sun, and stays muddy after rain or the sprinklers run. I am going to go get about 30 or 40 or those 12"x12" concrete pavers and put them radiating out from the patio, with just an inch or so between them. Total cost for the project? Less than $50, probably more around $30.

I have developed a plan for a harshly sloping corner of the yard that gets NO sun, no grass grows there, and we simply have it blocked off to keep the dogs out of it. This plan might cost a bit more. There is a dropoff of probably a good 18-24" in less than 2 feet of space. I want to build up the back corner with small paver bricks until it is even with the front, where I'll have only one or two high of the paver bricks. Then I'll fill quite a bit of it with small rocks / pebbles for drainage. Put in fill dirt, and have a 'shade garden'!!!!


I got the kids' 5th birthday party booked today. Everything is set to go for MY birthday (we're actually having THEIR party on MY birthday. Yay.) at Peter Piper Pizza. All I have to do is show up with the kids and their cakes. I did all of the invitations today for their classes, and we're only inviting a few people outside of that. I pay the day of the party, and only for the kids that show up. They will have a table set up for us, each of the birthday boys gets $5 in tokens for games and rides, each guest gets $1.25 in tokens, everyone gets goody bags, there is a large pizza for every 4 people, drinks with free refills, a dedicated hostess, and NO CLEANUP!!!!! This is absolutely the way to do birthdays from now on.


Ewww. I really need a shower. Working out in the yard will do a number on you, but it feels damn good.


Mom and I had a good laugh today as our 'new jewelry' arrived. We have matching bracelets now!! Of course, they are from the Alzheimer's Association and are part of the 'Safe Return' project. On the back of Mom's, it says 'Memory Problems. To help Gloria, please call (800 number) and give them this code'. The code links to my information, contact info, her meds, her doctor, her medical history, and much more. My bracelet says 'I am a caregiver for (code). Please call (800 number)'. I think this is if something ever happens to ME, they know she will need to be found and taken care of. These also allow us to link up if we get seperated while out of town. It's such a neat program. They even sent iron-on clothing tags with her name, code and the phone number to call, magnets, a keychain, a pin, and other things with her code.

Why do I feel like my Mom and I have become those luggage tags that say 'If found, please drop in nearest mail box'?