March 17th, 2006


American Inventor


That's it! All I need is a 'Bladder Buddy' and I never have to leave my nest again!!!!!! (well, once I implement the dorm fridge idea from georgiaskydiver's mom)

Of course, if I didn't leave my nest, like I did tonight, I wouldn't spend way too much money at a Southern Living at Home party, have yummy green champagne punch, actually vacuum my car's interior, or get the opportunity to make a little extra cash being a host family for my neighbor's Pet sitting business. I can't wait until I get all of my stuff from the party!!!! A door hanger, a metal flower canister to hang from it on the front door, a flower vase, a votive centerpiece, a dress-me-up plate stand (for my mom. I got her the plate a couple of years back), and a bunch of other stuff I'm sure I'll be surprised when it arrives *laugh*

Would either of my 'new' Dallas-area friends be interested in coming to a party in Plano on June 1? I'm hosting my own Southern Living at Home party. There will be free drinks and door prizes!!!! (*ahem* and I can get even MORE stuff) *evil grin*

Outside of that, it was great to see Colleen tonight (lower left corner of the icon). I miss having her next door where I could see her every day. Ang (other girl in icon) was in Vegas, and I couldn't leave on my hubby's B-day last night to play Bunco with her, so it wasn't complete.

Everyone needs girlfriends around to be silly with, drink with, dance with, and confide in. I wish I had more, or that some of the special ones were closer to me.

(I shouldn't have reread this post to realize how disjointed it is. I sound like a lunatic. GO TO BED, TRISH!)

Ummm, yeah, minor detail

Did I mention we FINALLY got my mom's double knee replacement surgery scheduled? April 12! She'll be in the hospital for four days, and then living at the rehab place as an inpatient for about a month. We will re-evaluate her once she is discharged to see if she would be ok living by herself with nurses and physical terrorists coming in several times a week. She REALLY wants to get back to her apartment. I've told her she needs to stay here until the surgery. Her stuff will remain in her new apartment, unpacked, for about three months, while she pays rent on it, without her ever living there. I know it hurts her - it would me.

She is doing GREAT, though. Her head seems much clearer now that she is back on her meds, eating regularly (although I still can't get her to eat ENOUGH to keep her blood glucose levels from fluctuating so much), exercising to build strength before the surgery, and generally taking care of herself. I'm having to do less and less prompting her through every step and she seems more stable. I think we've put the fear of God (or of a nursing home) into her. The meds make her REALLY tired all day, but I think that can be handled through small adjustments, or additions of meds to fight it. She's trying really hard, and I'm proud of her. That's more the fight I remember from the widow who raised her only child by herself on a fixed income.

I'm still not letting her ever get behind the wheel of a car again.

Anyone want a really banged up 1986 Elantra? It was kept pristine for years until sold to an elderly woman with vascular dementia who was terrified to drive in the first place!!! :)