March 14th, 2006

Trish and Georgia


UPS delivered a WONDERFUL box from georgiaskydiver today!!! I just bounced around the house when I saw the name Lush on the tape. I want to go take a bath RIGHT NOW (ok, it'll have to wait until after work, but I AM taking one tonight.)

GS, you're the greatest, and how you can think of others with so much going on in your life is beyond me. I am blessed to have met you and be able to call you my fiend friend. I'm sorry your day has sucked, but know you made mine brighter.

*sniff sniff*


semantique, you can gush now too. *laugh* Thanks for holding back so I was still surprised!

It's all scheduled

It's going to be a fun month, folks!

- Tomorrow is Scott's birthday
- This week we have to donate the first of two units of mom's blood.
The second is two weeks later.
- April 3rd is Mom's birthday
- April 8 is my birthday and my grandfather-in-law's
- April 13 is Michael and Matthew's birthday
- April 15 is tax day
- April 8 or 9 will be Michael and Matthew's birthday party
- April 6 is Mom's pre-op visit to the ortho surgeon
- April 12 is her surgery
- April 15 or 16 she is discharged from the hospital to the
rehab facility, where she will stay for about 4 weeks.

Then we get to figure out whether she can live in her apartment or not.

Did I mention I work full time? Did I mention the kids and the housework and the laundry? Whose idea of a practical joke is this?

Will I live through mom staying here another month until her surgery? Every day making her take her meds (3-4 times a day), test her blood sugar four times a day, do her physical therapy with her every day, and make sure she eats three meals and at least two snacks.

Can I handle a birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza for twin five year olds and ALL of their classmates (THREE classrooms full)?

Dealing with all of this, I have to write invitation to SO MANY damn kids, because if you invite one, you have to invite them all, deal with the RSVPs (which I hope are MANY for the 'no'), and then book the party. Thankfully, it will mean no cleanup for me, no cooking, and all I have to worry about is a cake.